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ΦNE derives from natures factor PHI (1,618), also known as the “golden cut”. It inspired us to install a project with a singular purpose: create the lightest boarding equipment possible, cost and convention aside.Our team’s heart, mind and soul fused with creative vision, design innovation and construction expertise. The result is four exciting snowboard lines that involve some of the most revolutionary and technologically innovative thinking for maximum performance benefit to the rider. Excellence in design depends on highest level of manufacturing quality, which can only be achieved by minute attention to detail without compromise: therefore all boards are HAND MADE IN AUSTRIA! If riding is lifestyle for you and wish to enjoy every moment on the mountain in your own ways - get your hands on a unique piece of craftsmanship and call timeless quality and design your own!


Bionics inspired composition of honeycomb, selected woods and carbon structures, culminating in a snowboard series of ultra-light weight and agility.