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Hyperlite Murray Wakeboard

Length: 138.00 cm/54.33 in.
Mid width: 42.31 cm/16.66 in.
Tip width: 26.41 cm/10.40 in.
Surface Area: 1,968.50 cm/775.00 in.
Rocker: 8.12 cm/3.20 in.
Rocker type: Continuous
Skill level: Intermediate/Advanced
Fin configuration: Three on each end. One 0.7" aluminum A-Wing center fin and two molded-in outer fins.
Rider weight range: 150 lbs. and up
Stance width range: 45.72 cm/18.00 in. to 60.96 cm/24.00 in.
Construction: Lithium 7 foam core

Company comments: For riders unwilling to sacrfice speed and lift in one board shape. Initiates a slightly mellower turn and releases quicker off the wake than the rest of our pro model boards. A new ambigram logoed, innovative continuous 3.2" rocker shape. Increased arc creates more lift, still with a consistent fast takeoff from the wake. A smoother release than a 3-Stage with the most lift of any continuous rocker. Shaun Murray's ten year anniversary signature deck still has the low friction drag you would expect in his fast/freeride shapes. Concave top deck for a quicker dege change. Fuller profile sets a hard edge but still lets the tip ride higher up the wake. Standard with out anger management controlled ABS sidewall. L7 Core: Lithium 7, The standard in high end wakeboard cores. The lightest poured foam we have ever developed. Designed to push the limits of the most aggressive riding from the lightest element on earth. ABS Sidewall: you have one of those rides where nothing is going your way. Just feel like smashing your board? Our torsionally stiffest wakeboards were built for the infamous "hockey temper." Layered Glass: A non-woven glass available in 4 sizes, depending on the size of the board. Over time, woven glass fibers will separate. Every Hyperlite deck will have the same snap on a double up after five seasons as it will on the first one. Metal Flake Top: Boats shouldn't be the only ones cruising around with the bling on your lake.

Achtung: Testboard!


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138 cm
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Grösse: 138 cm