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Hyperlite Era Wakeboard Bindung

Narrow foot, flat foot, or just like a tighter fit? Erik Ruck designed a smaller volume fit with the comfort and ease of the original lace up creation. A simple lightweight performer with the same family of innovation in Hyperlite's other signature boots at a more affordable value.
  • Sock Construction- Now a boot doesn’t have to have a rigid toe and heel. We went to a thinner material which wraps around the rider’s foot more evenly. This design reduces the “binding” feeling, improving the snug fit.
  • Snake Skin Inner Liner- This inner liner is slicker than neoprene when the boot is dry - tackier than neoprene when the boot is wet
  • Quick Cinch Rear Lace for easy entry
  • The Claw – Allows a rider to maintain a stance and move closer to the heelside or toeside of the rail. Still the simplest, strongest, lightest way of changing from +24 degrees to – 24 degrees and every degree in between.

Grösse M: für Euro Grössen 40 - 42,5
Grösse L: für Euro Grössen 42 - 44


Verfügbare Grössen:
499.00 CHF
149.00 CHF
135.45 EUR 453.60 EUR

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