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Flow NX2 Hybrid Bindung

Hybrid fun with flex and response

The Flow Fuse snowboardbinding is like that guy everyone wants as their best friend. It is fun, flexible and responds to your input. A Glass-Filled Nylon baseplate and highback provide an allround fun feelthat is still responsive enough to go lightning fast and charge hard. This is a true do everything go anywhere binding, with features that allow for both backcountry and park riding. Like all Flow bindings The Fuse features a reclining Hiback, no more hassle with ratchets, for the fastest SpeedEntry.

The Glass-Filled Nylon Modback highback separates the lower and upper zone for targeted strength and support, while flex is still available where you need it. This highback offers a lively and fun feelwith extra customization due to the ATM. 7 support panel. This panel has a 4 way adjustable tweak factor that can be set lower for a softer feel or higher for more support.

This glass-filled Nylon baseplate is slightly softer than its aluminum counterpart, but it’s still responsive and offers a fun, lively feel. For riders that want power but prefer the feel of a molded baseplate. Full-length EVA BankBeds with 2.5º canting provide an optimized fit, support, and energy transfer. This baseplate also provides you with New Active Strap Technology, this means the strap automatically lifts up when you open the Reclining Highback and actively tightens again when you close the Highback. Active Strap Technology reduces friction and creates more room so that getting in and out of your binding is faster and easier than ever.

Hybrid PowerStraps connect their ankle-strap to a more conventional toe-cap strap, for the perfect mix of control and flexibility. Locking Slap Ratchet (LSR) buckles give you the option to easily get in and out of your bindings anyway you like. Whether SpeedEntry or DualEntry, they lock down to secure your preferred strap tightness.

  • Moulded GF-Nylon Rockered Baseplate
  • ModBack w/ glass-filled Nylon Heelcup, triggers N.A.S.T.Y.
  • 4-Way Adjustable ATM.7 SupportPanel
  • Hybrid PowerCapStrap with LSR Buckles
  • N.A.S.T.Y. (New Active Strap System)
  • 2.5º Canted BankBeds
  • Nylon Offset Multi-Disk for 4x4, 3HP & Channel



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