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Nixon Capital Gunmetal red Uhr

The Nixon Capital Watch 
Gunmetal red

The Nixon Capital Watch in Gunmetal governs style and functionality. An oversized, slightly oval face with a color-trimmed crown gives the case a serious but still likable look. The textured stripe down the center of the Capital Watch's large face should help with your image during this year's campaign. The sleek stainless steel band with its double-locking clasp send the message you want to get to all the voters out there.

Technische Daten:

  • Uhrwerk: Japanisches 3 Zeiger Quartzuhrwerk
  • Gehäuse: 100 meter stainless steel mit gehärtetem und gewölbten Mineralkristallglas, und oversize emaillierter Einfassung mit dreichfach abgedichteter, emaillierter Krone
  • Band: Solides Stainless steel mit two tone Finish und doppeltem Verschluss



419.00 CHF
199.00 CHF
180.90 EUR 380.85 EUR